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We host retreats and events in nature that support the wellness of mind, body and spirit.

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Mission, Values and Principles

There is a peaceful revolution spreading around the world that is rippling out from the hearts of millions to create a sea of change. It’s a revolution of evolution through love. We call it the LovEvolution. Can you feel it?

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Donate to the LovEvolution Fellowship

Raise funds to complete the LovEvolution Lodge – Chapel and Event Center.
Donations made to the LovEvolution Fellowship are tax deductible.

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Camp LovEvolution

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Are you ready to serve in the LOVEvolution “Prayer Force”?

"Rich is the person who has a praying friend." - Janice Hughes

An invitation by LOVEvolution Minister – Eric McCool

Holding the LOVEvolution vibe in the face of war and vengeance.

While the media beats the drums of war and foments outrage, fear and vengeance in many, how can we rise above these low vibrations and hold in our hearts space for forgiveness, deep unders...

Freedom is an inside job - theme for the 2nd annual Sovereign Camp Out.

What is freedom, really? 

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