LOVEvolution Mission, Values and Principles

The LOVEvolution Fellowship is the spiritual steward of the LOVEvolution movement and the Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary. 

The Mission of the LOVEvolution Fellowship - As an open faith fellowship of spiritual equals, we work to provide a safe, supportive, and loving space for a people to explore and share living in truth together in the spirit of love, joy and celebration. We do this by hosting retreats and events in nature that support the wellness of mind, body and spirit. Through this work, we hold space for the evolution of heart consciousness in humanity.

What is the LOVEvolution?

There is a peaceful revolution spreading around the world that is rippling out from the hearts of millions to create a sea of change. It’s a revolution of evolution through love. We call it the LOVEvolution. Can you feel it?

The LOVEvolution is powered by a powerful and transformational force - LOVE.

Love nurtures life, expands consciousness and it is infinitely renewable.  Like light chasing away darkness, love prevails over fear, shame and anger because love, in all its many expressions, is irresistible. Deep down, beyond all the distractions and fake substitutes, it’s who we truly are and what we want to experience.


Love inspires us to embrace an expansive unity that transcends self centeredness and inspires us to selfless service to others as ourselves. As we transcend the individual and collective limitations of ego, we set ourselves and the world free from self absorption, greed and separation. 

When we recognize that we are all interconnected and united in God (Source Consciousness)  we naturally respect all life and nature. Love is the universal glue that holds it all together.

Ascension“Ascension” painting by Stephanie Lynn Toler

Love is patient. It recognizes that everyone is on path of spiritual evolution, whether they know it or not. Love is the fertilizer for our continued growth. Life over flows with abundance as we see the deeper divine true self in each other and treat each other with love and kindness. 

Millions of human beings worldwide are waking up to the conscious realization that we create our own reality - individually and collectively. We are not born into a static “default” world. Rather the world is born from us.

Are You a LovEvolutionary?

Our current society is the sum total of all our dreams, nightmares and choices. What kind of world do you want to co-create? Do you want to live in a world of competition or cooperation? Do you want a world that is an expression of our fear or our love?

Are you committed to being an agent of peaceful evolutionary change to co-create a just, free, sustainable and peaceful world?

Every time your thoughts, feelings and actions come from a place of love and compassion you are being a LOVEvolutionary. LOVEvolutionaries aspire to choose love, freedom and peace over judgement, fear and anger. Making this choice is a continual practice. 

We are all agents in the creative unfolding of the Universe and connected at our deepest level. Together we can heal ourselves, each other and the world.

The LOVEvolution Fellowship – supporting each other in our growth.

We don’t have to go it alone on our spiritual path. With the loving support of brothers and sisters who share a commitment to truth, compassion and love we can grow more fully in expressing our unique spiritual expression. In shared ceremony, celebration and prayer we can reach heights that none of us alone can realize.

In fellowship we support each other in living and expressing our life in alignment with our unique divine expression. In unity, we surrender our limited personal perspective to the greater infinite intelligence of the creator that orbits the galaxies and blooms the flowers effortlessly.

Participate in the life of the LOVEvolution Fellowship in person at our church and event sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains or online. The Fellowship’s in person events are held at the LOVEvolution Lodge - Church and Event Sanctuary -  in the middle of the 200 acre plus Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains - 40 minutes North of Asheville, North Carolina.

Fellowship ceremonies are held at the Sanctuary the first Sunday of the month starting with Sunday, July 2nd of 2023.

"The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity."  - Albert Einstein

Fellowship Values

Selfless Service - As we transcend the limits of egoic separation and realize our oneness and interconnection with all, we naturally feel called to be of selfless service to others and the world. Selfless service aligned with the will of God, without expectation of anything in return, is its own reward. As Saint Francis of Assisi wrote, “it is in the giving that we receive”.

Loving Acceptance – We practice unconditional love and compassionate acceptance of everyone – wherever they are at in their evolutionary journey, as no human can presume to fully know another human and their life experience and judge them in their entirety. 

Celebration of life through music, ceremony, celebrations, dance, laughter and conversations that help us to express, live from and manifest the higher vibrations of love, joy, truth and peace.

Sovereignty – We acknowledge the free will and God given birth right of every individual to self-determination, as long as this does not impair this same right in others. As free will agents, we have the right and responsibility to choose to enter into mutual and voluntary agreements with others, without coercion or force.


Spiritual Principles

Spiritual Principles

The LOVEvolution Fellowship is an open faith fellowship of spiritual equals seeking and sharing truth together in the spirit of love, joy and celebration. We honor the wisdom of all spiritual traditions, peoples, the Earth and the Cosmos. We acknowledge that there are many paths up the mountain and that universal and timeless truths express themselves uniquely in each culture and tradition.

God/Cosmic Consciousness is everywhere and always present. This divine energy permeates and animates all of existence. We hold that all life is an expression of spirt and is sacred.

As divine co-creators in God’s great unfolding, we realize our thoughts have the creative power to influence and determine our experiences. Thus we realize the importance of being in alignment with divine will. Prayer, meditation, time in nature and joyful celebration connect and align us with our true divine nature and God’s will.

In fellowship we support each other in living and expressing our life in alignment with our unique divine expression. We practice surrendering our limited personal perspective to the greater infinite intelligence of the creator that orbits the galaxies and blooms the flowers effortlessly.

We are committed individual to sharing the vision of a compassionate, just, free, thriving and abundant world.

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