Diving Deep, A Ritual Journey of Grief & Joy

Grief and Joy Ritual

The Village is converging again in the heart of Appalachia’s healing watershed. For three days, we will gather to dive deep into the watery depths to discover our Joy. Come be a part of this alchemical journey and discover the profound aliveness that arises from meaningful and intimate human connection.

Join Laurence Cole, Josh Fox, & Sharon Oxendine in Tending the Village Heart!  Friday, September 6th to Sunday September 8th,  7:00 PM

Event Highlights:

  • Elder Wisdom: Engage with our beloved elders who will share their songs, ritual practices, and wisdom as a giveaway to tend the village heart. Their presence will provide a grounding and nurturing foundation for our collective journey.

  • Grief Ritual: Participate in an intimate and heartfelt journey where we will explore the depths of our Grief through authentic expression, deep listening, mutual support, and ancestral connection. By engaging in singing, deep-connection exercises, poetry, storytelling, movement, and ancient practices; we will transform individual and collective pain into wisdom and vitality for ourselves and our communities.

  • Nature Immersion & Water Therapy: Enjoy the enchanting natural beauty of this mountainous sanctuary. Nature walks, river swims, sauna, hot-tub, and forest bathing are available throughout our time together.

  • Celebration of Life: Dance, sing, and celebrate the richness of life in a village of kindred spirits. Enjoy live music throughout! Through joyous expression and shared moments of laughter and creativity, we will deepen our sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

In this village, we will cultivate a space where vulnerability is met with compassion, where joy and grief are honored as sacred parts of the human experience, and where each soul is seen and valued. Together, we will weave a tapestry of connection that nourishes our own spirits while also uplifting the collective soul.

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Event Details

06 September 2024
01:00 PM
Sacred MTN Waters

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