January Fellowship Circle - Manifesting our Intentions in 2024 and beyond.


New Beginnings


As we evolve beyond "victim consciousness" and assume responsibility for our inner and outer worlds, we understand the importance of consciously cultivating and manifesting our best intentions.

Join us this coming Sunday afternoon, January 7th, at the Guest House at Sacred Mountain Waters for our monthly LOVEvolution Fellowship sharing circle, as we gather to reflect on the lessons of 2023 and set course for 2024 and beyond.

Stephanie Lynn Toler, has been practicing and leading intention setting and manifestation rituals over the past decade with great success. After we reflect on the lessons of 2023, Stephanie will lead us through a process of getting clear on our heartfelt intentions and how to manifest them into our living reality. This shared intention practice will begin at 2pm.

Feel free to come as early as 11am to hike the land and melt away all you want to let go of in the sauna. And if you're feeling hearty, stand in the river or on the river bank and toss some stones downstream to let go of what no longer serves you and then face up stream and soak up what you want to bring into your life in 2024 and beyond.

Bring food and beverages to share during the potluck meal that will follow the intention setting circle. We'll be providing cocoa hot chocolate and a warm fire in the wood stove in the guest house.

Best wishes that you align with the divine and live your deepest heartfelt desires in 2024 and beyond.

Sacred Mountain Waters, home of the LOVEvolution, is at 2932 Big Laurel Road in Marshall, NC

Event Details

07 January 2024
12:02 PM
2932 Big Laurel Road

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