Join us Sunday afternoon for our monthly Fellowship sharing circle and Potluck.

In preparation for Spring time, this month's Fellowship gathering's theme is cleansing the mind, body and spirit. Minister Stephanie will share ideas for detoxing and her delicious and nutritious kitcheri.

Also join some of us in the sauna for a deep cleanse from the inside out and an enlivening dip in the river and pond. Feel free to also enjoy Sacred Mountain Waters and immerse yourself in the waters and forrest. Please bring what you'd like to eat and share.

Gathering will be held in the Guest House. Enjoy the crackling fire and conversations and sharing from the heart at our sharing circle at 2pm.

Donations are accepted.

The LovEvolution Fellowship Sunday Celebration Services are held the first Sunday of every month.

Event Details

03 March 2024
02:00 PM
2932 Big Laurel Road

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