LOVEvolution Renewal Retreat and Monthly Sharing Celebration (Sept 1st - 4th)

Renewal Retreat

Do you feel called to connect with nature, relax by a cool spring fed river, soak in a hot tub, walk in the woods, sing around a fire and drop in with an intimate small group of LOVEvolutionaries?

If so, Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary is offering a low key weekend retreat for LOVEvolutionaries the first weekend of September. No "workshops", schedules or big acts. Just casual good times in nature with each other.

Bring your personal gifts to share. Are you a healer, a yogi, massage therapist, singer, drummer, musician, cook, or cleaner? Please feel free to write your offering on the schedule board. The spirit of this event is for us to create an amazing weekend by giving our gifts and sharing our hearts freely.

We have private rooms and beds available in the guest house and tent camping by donation. Call Patrick Hennessey on his cell at 612 385-3563 to make a room reservation. To RSVP on Facebook visit

Feel free to check in on Friday and stay until Monday morning and join the Fellowship monthly sharing circle on Sunday at 2pm if you'd like to share what's on your heart and hear from others.

If you can't join us for the weekend retreat, come join us on Sunday, September 3rd for the Fellowship sharing circle at 2pm and share a potluck meal afterwards and enjoy the land.

Please bring what you'd like to eat and share during the weekend and for the Sunday potluck following the sharing circle.

Let's enjoy precious time in nature and in great company while Summer is in full bloom. Children are very welcome. But please - no pets.

To see photos of the land, guest house and spa at Sacred Mountain Waters and get on our mailing list for all events - visit

The LovEvolution Fellowship Sunday Celebration Services are generally held the first Sunday of every month. Check calendar for details.

Event Details

01 September 2023
04:00 PM
2932 Big Laurel Road

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