Women's Rites of Passage Guide Training (10-day intensive)

Rites of Passage Training

Thank you for hearing the call to walk in this world as an initiated adult and to offer nature based rites of passage ceremonies for the young women in your life, your community and beyond.

What does this journey look like?

In this journey you’ll encounter the transformative power of ceremonies, stepping into your own Rites of Passage alongside a circle of fellow guides-in-training, supported by the wisdom of the earth.

This training isn't just about learning; it’s about living the experiences you'll later guide others through. You will craft your own drum, birthing it in the drum lodge, and discover how to guide this ritual for others. You’ll embrace a wilderness solo experience while learning to hold this journey in community.

The online Rites of Passage Guide training provides a vast repository of tools, rituals, songs, and a network of guides worldwide, akin to a magical library supporting your journey.

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Event Details

17 May 2024
09:00 AM
2932 Big Laurel Road

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