FAQ – For the 2023 LovEvolution Gathering


Friday, May 26th through Monday (Memorial Day), May 29th

Location - 2932 Big Laurel Road in Marshall, NC 28753

This is a camping event. Please bring your own tent/hammock, bedding, swimsuit, towels, yoga mat, toiletries, hiking gear, flashlight and food you'd like to eat and share. etc.

Check in begins at noon on Friday, May 26th. Please do not arrive before that time unless you have a prior arrangement. When you arrive please register, pick up your wrist band and schedule/program. Please buy your tickets in advance at LovEvolutionFellowship.org You’ll be guided as to where to unload and park.

Yes, kids of all ages are welcome and we will be offering a kid’s village. However, minors (under 16) must be accompanied by an adult. No ticket is needed for those under the age of 13. All participants 13 years or older are required to have a ticket.

We encourage everyone to come for the whole event so that we can create a true container for this Gathering. We do not offer tickets for partial participation. However, if you need to arrive late or leave early that is allowed.

All ticket purchases are considered donations to the LovEvolution Fellowship and are final and non refundable. However, contact us if you’d want to assign a ticket(s) to another person.

No pets are permitted on the property.

This is a camping event, with many beautiful spots along the rivers and meadow. Please bring your own tent or hammock, bedding, towels, pads, yoga mats, flashlight, swimsuit, toiletries and your own bowl, cup, plate and utensils for meals etc.

Cars will be able to park relatively close to the tent camping area. Those driving a van, RV or camper will be accommodated at no additional cost and participants can camp/sleep in them. However, no electrical or plumbing hook ups are available.

There will be portapotties and participants are encouraged to bath in the river and natural swimming pond. Please bring your own towels and toiletries.

Yes. The hot tubs, sauna and water plunges are available to all participants. Swimsuits are required in the spa and public areas.

No. This is a drug and alcohol free event. We encourage you to be clear and fully present.

We will be serving one communal vegan dinner each day of the Gathering for free – Friday to Monday. There will be limited food vending available. So do bring other food and beverage (no alcohol) for you and to share. Ice will be available for free.

No, we will have free drinkable water (spring and well) available. However, do bring your own water bottles.

Given our remote location, there is very limited to no cell phone coverage. But WIFI is available on the wrap around porch of both the Guest House and the Lodge. The password is loveandjoy (no spaces and all lower cap). However, we encourage you to leave your cell phone in your car and be fully present.

No. There will be no ATM on site. Bring cash if you’d like to purchase from venders.

Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary is located 45 minutes north of downtown Asheville in Marshall at 166 LovEvolution Way (formerly 2932 Big Laurel Road in Marshall). This 200 plus acre property is nestled in a mountain valley bounded by two miles of pristine rivers.    

For the scenic and easy drive from Asheville, follow the French Broad River to the riverside town of Marshall and then take Walnut Creek Road up and over the mountain and into our valley.

Since this event is a gift we create for each other, we encourage all ticket holders to help co-create the magic by helping with cooking, cleaning and keeping the vibe friendly and inviting. Check with our volunteer coordinator, Eric McCool, to get an assignment or just pitch in as needed.

No. But drums and acoustic instruments are welcome to play up until 11pm.

Call, text or message Patrick James Hennessey the chief organizer on his cell at 612 385-3563 or on Facebook.

Monthly Fellowship Circle and an invite to join the new "Prayer Force".

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