Holding the LOVEvolution vibe in the face of war and vengeance.


While the media beats the drums of war and foments outrage, fear and vengeance in many, how can we rise above these low vibrations and hold in our hearts space for forgiveness, deep understanding and compassion for all parties?

Are you feeling this? I know I've struggled with it lately.

The main stream narrative encourages us to divide ourselves into two sides in the most recent outbreak of violence and bloodshed in the Middle East. I encourage you to align instead with truth and love and to seek a deeper heartfelt understanding by seeing the perspective of all parties and their humanity.

I was inspired this past week by a powerful music video in which 3,000 Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Middle East came together to form a chorus of peace and unity by singing the song “one day “ - the one day “were there will be no more war”.

To me, this is the true depiction of the real and universal humanity that exists in all cultures and desires to live in peace, joy and harmony. This heart stirring symphony of love and unity is a perfect antidote to the hate, fear and violence being pushed in the mainstream media.

I encourage you to tune into this amazing symphony and join the chorus of LOVEvolutionairies worldwide who are giving voice to saying yes to peace over righteous violence and vengeance.

The Symphony of "One Day".

“One Day” comes for us the day we commit to rise above hate, anger, violence, and vengeance, and commit to stopping the madness with love and empathy and peace in our hearts. Let’s hold space for that “one day “in our hearts and in our actions.

Please share this video on your social media with friends and family. Let’s ripple its high vibes and message of peace throughout the entire world.

Best wishes for living in “The Beautiful World We Know in our Hearts is Possible”.

Patrick Hennessey at LOVEvolutionFellowship.org


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