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2023 ReUnion of the Heart Tribe LovEvolution Gathering

Event Location: The Gathering will be held at Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary in a 200 plus acre private mountain valley bounded by two pristine rivers. Address is 2932 Big Laurel Road in Marshall, NC 28753.

The LovEvolution Lodge – Chapel and Event Center, owned and operated by the LovEvolution Fellowship, is located in the center of this Sanctuary. Located in Marshall, NC a beautiful 40 minute drive north of Asheville.

Safety –To truly open up to each other and share intimately – trust and safety are essential. We ask that all participants share in the responsibility of creating a safe container for all by respecting the boundaries and wishes of others and holding this expectation for others. Anyone not respecting this safe container will be asked to amend their behavior or leave the event.

Seva - the spirit of selfless service - We encourage everyone, regardless of financial contribution, to share in the joy of co-creating this event by donating three or more hours of service to the event. Please sign up for a volunteer shift when you arrive. It is in the giving that we truly receive.

Pet Policy – Dogs are Not allowed on property, unless they are registered Support Dogs and wearing support animal harnass.

FAQ - If you have other general questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions at https://lovevolutionfellowship.org/faq-for-the-2023-lovevolution-gathering

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Welcome to the new home of the LovEvolution at Sacred Mountain Waters!

Gates open at noon on Friday, May 26th. Cross the bridge into Camp LovEvolution and make yourself at home, set up camp, hug old and new friends, take a hike on 200 acres and melt away the outside world in the sauna and hot tub and natural swimming pond.  Then come join us for dinner at the LovEvolution Lodge (ground floor).

Opening Welcome Ceremony Friday evening following dinner (7pm) – Circle up around the fire and music for the opening ceremony and Spiral Dance. 

Join us after dinner around the fire pit next to the Guest House as we circle up our heart tribe to set intentions, light the sacred heart fire and bless the land and event. We’ll share music, song and movement, and set intentions for the Gathering and do the spiral dance of connection.

Spirit Costume Celebration – (8pm into all night) Friday night you’re invited to step out of the ego role you normally play and let your spirit be free to express itself anyway you feel called to be. Feel like being a wild animal, a faerie, a werewolf, a hippie, a princess . . . ? Let your freak flag fly, dress the part and be it!

Old Time Talent Show (8:30 to 10pm)– Hosted by the zany and a bit unhinged Joe Bailey Junior and friends - Time to showcase some of God’s great gifts on stage to elevate the tribe’s vibe. Music, comedy, poetry/flowtry, dance, performances and all forms of inspired gifts. Do you feel called to share your gift on stage? Sign up on the sign up sheet before and during the show.

Get on Board the Magic Love Bus for the LovEvolution! (all weekend) Captain Scotty and the much loved Magic Love Bus are back to provide a platform for music, dance, laughter and great conversations. The Bus crossed the USA from San Francisco to Asheville during the summer of 2012 (the year of the big shift). We invited people to get on board for the LovEvolution – the conscious evolution through the revolution of love. For the highlights of the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey, visit www.LovEvolutionFellowship.org and view the history.

Musical performances Friday Night (10pm on into the night)
Evening dance party with "The Illusion of Duality", "Mikaya" and "Fiddlehead" in the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs. Live music is also welcome around the fire.


Saturday Morning Theme – Clear your mind and open your heart:

Love Cleanse Ritual (all day any day) – Wash away all that obscures the natural expression of your inherent love and light in the mountain river. Face down stream and contemplate letting go into the flow the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Make it tangible by tossing a rock downstream for each limiting belief you release. Then turn and face upstream and soak up all you want to flow into your life.

Rise and Shine - sauna, water and breath work - Wake up without needing to “smell the coffee” and feel enlivened by giving yourself some hot/cold therapy in the sauna and 12 foot deep pond.  Happening at the sauna area near the swimming pond and river - 24/7 day or night.

Qigong (8 am to 9am) – in the open field near the riverside yome or in Big tent if raining – Experience moving chi, the energy of the Universe, through your body to become energized, focused and at peace. Enliven the garden within and around you. 

Yoga in the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs (9 to 10am)

Join certified yoga teacher and health coach - Stephanie Toler. Open up your body, oxygenate and begin your day feeling great. 

Elemental Contact Improv (9 to 10:30am) in the Big Tent - Contact improv is the art of two or more bodies dancing together in response to one another's movements. In this playshop, we will explore basic principles of contact improv such as momentum, weight sharing, and communication and listening via touch and movement awareness.

This class will use partner connection and dance activities to explore our embodiment of earth elements and how they can inform somatic awareness and shared movement. 

The “Unscheduled Workshop” (Time – When you least expect it.) – Facilitated by the person or situation that challenges your ability to remain present, conscious and unconditional in your love. Perhaps the best training “workshop” for being a LovEvolutionary in an often challenging and unconscious world.

Breakfast and Lunch - Cook your own meals at the community kitchen under the tent near the guest house. And/or enjoy truly gourmet organic venders offering delicious food throughout the weekend. Free ice is available for your own cooler at the community kitchen.

Food Venders - 

Kendra Wolf of www.wolfzen.love  and Crystal Sunshine from Crystals Castle Mobile Kitchen are magicians and alchemist's in the realm of kitchen witchin.  They'll be offering Organic Superfoods - including activated raw deserts, medicinal chocolate~ Sprouted (Paleo) Baked Goods, GF Sweet Potato, Elixirs, and Granola. Lunch items include: Lentil Chipotle Smash Tacos, Vegan Vegetable Lasagna and Bombay Carrot Salad and Vegan Vegetable Korma/ with Rice!

Xena Hall will be offering colorful high potency super food juice popsicles, cake pops, overnight oats and a variety of juices, as well as a waffle bar with fruits.

Other vendors will be offering vegan and grass fed beef chili, juice and oatmeal and elixirs and deserts.

The Art of Intimacy: Relationship as a Spiritual Path (10:30 am to noon) with Steve Torma (Under the Big Tent)– As “LovEvolutionaries” most of us have experienced the deep joy and challenge of committed intimate relationships.  To thrive we must free ourselves from old habits and blind spots and develop new skills and sensitivities. Steve is the former president of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center. Learn more at www.therealcenter.org

The timeline shifts of 2023: being in the source light timeline (11 am to 12:30) at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs The higher dimensional shift of ages is here now. Join medium and light language translator Jennie Byers, as she shares channeled higher dimensional wisdom to help us navigate, with ease and grace, the increasing vibrations.

Jennie is the founder of Spirit Reunions Sanctuary in the Cherokee “Crystal Mountains” of East Tennessee. To learn more about the Sanctuary and Jennie’s private and group offerings visit https://spiritreunionssanctuary.com    

Children’s song writing workshop and energy exploration (10 am to noon) at kids village at trampoline - Cultivate your child’s creativity and self expression by letting them participate in this fun and playful workshop. This ceremony will be facilitated by Kari Rivers - mother, wife and soul catalyst at Seedsofsatya.com Kari loves to help people access and embody their own innate joy and wisdom. She will be supported by her daughters, Anna & Anzi.

Saturday Afternoon Theme – Connect and Go Deeper

Open Sacred Song Circle (noon to 2:00) at the Big Tent with Lillie Lumina - 
Do you have a sacred song in your heart that you'd like to share with others? Lillie is a seasoned song leader and will hold space for this open song circle. You are invited to bring songs of praise, gratitude, joy, sorrow, connection to the Earth, growth, love, etc from any culture or practice that can be taught and sung by the group with ease.

Soul Medicine Vibrations: Sound Healing and Spontaneous Toning Circle at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs (1 to 2:30pm) - Join Kennedy OneSelf for a symphony of vibrational serenity to silence the mind and discover the pure essence of being within. Then stay to sing together during a toning circle led by the Unity Harp, a multi-octave single tone, with 49 strings in solidarity. To learn more visit www.soulmedicinevibrations.com

Compassionate Communication and Intimacy – 2:30 to 4pm at the Big Tent  Intimacy is the ability to know oneself and connect deeply with others. In this workshop we will learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication, a powerful tool that helps us to stay centered in any situation, move beyond stalemates, forgive others and yourself, hear the yes behind every no. Facilitated by Steve Torma –  the former president of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center. Learn more at www.therealcenter.org

Tantra talk: the ultimate orgasm: sex & death (2:30 to 4pm) at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs – with death doula and tantra teacher Gabi Dias

Are you prepared for the climax? All human life comes from sex and we all die! La petite mort, (the little death) is an expression which means "the brief loss or weakening of consciousness" and in modern usage refers specifically to "the sensation of post-orgasm being similar to death. Tantra is about fully living life through the five senses, making every moment orgasmic, including the final act of living. We will talk about life’s essentials. Learn more at www.goatgabi.com

Living in the New Paradigm with Joseph Aldo (4 to 5:30pm) at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs - Every day we are faced with choices and ultimately it boils down to this: Love or Fear. And depending upon which we choose, the life that unfolds before us reflects our choices 100% as the external world is simply a reflection of our inner reality and beliefs.

In this talk we will discuss how life unfolds when we live in a fear-based paradigm (the old system) vs a Love-based paradigm (the "New Paradigm") and the distinctions between these two realities. We will also delve into how to activate the New Paradigm as we dissolve the old, dysfunctional, limiting survival systems through heart-centered living and Unity Consciousness. Learn more at https://www.josephaldo.com

So You Want to Share a Song: Basics on how to lead simple chants & songs (4 to 5:30pm) at the Big Tent - facilitated by alinahh ever, community activist and founder of Singing Alive Appalachia

Learn simple chants and songs and how to lead them in group settings. I will share lots of tips and suggestions from my decades of leading in many different kinds of gatherings – from small song circles to large circles around fires, to conferences, marches, ceremonies, and more. Everyone will get a chance to lead a chant/song and it will be a very welcoming and warm space for us to practice. 

Trauma Recovery, Inner Child Work and Core Wound Healing in the Riverside Yome (2:30 to 4:00) There is one core wound in the heart of every human; the belief in separation from Source. All other traumas are related to this. And, there is a very special and powerful technique to access and heal it all. Join teacher Diana Myers for this intimate workshop to experience and learn this technique.  Limited to 20 participants. 

Diana has a master’s degree in ministerial science in metaphysics, is a professionally trained breathworker, a shamanically initiated earth medicine carrier, and a skilled psycho-spiritual counselor as well as the founder of The Psychedelic Society of America and the Church of the Mystic Way.

Cultivating Healthy Boundaries and Relationships: Tools & Skills (4pm to 5:30) in the Riverside Yome - Empaths are often challenged in relationships to keep from taking on another’s chaos or pain. Evalena Rose, a long time skillful intimacy coach and an empathic spiritual counselor,  will offer skills vital to happiness & personal freedom.  In dyads, you will experience your current boundaries and ways that better care for your needs. Evalena is available for private healing, counseling and channeling sessions. Learn more at www.evalenarose.com

Instant Divine Assistance: Fast and Easy Spiritual Awakening, Healing, and More (5:30 pm to 6:30pm) in the Big Tent - In this one-hour experience, facilitated by Benjamin Bernstein and based on his #1 best-selling book, you can experience how easy it can be to:

  • Experience spiritual awakening within seconds — just by requesting it from your higher self.
  • Quickly and permanently heal serious challenges by delegating the work to your inner healer.
  • Thrive in a “new normal” of harmonious living, enhanced intuition, joyous fulfillment and bliss.

For 12+ years, Benjamin's invocations have dramatically improved thousands of people’s lives. Now you can also experience how quick and easy spiritual awakening, healing and so much more can be! Learn more at http://astroshaman.com 

Saturday Night Ceremony – Awakening to Your Divine Destiny (8 to 9:30 pm) at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs – Tune in and drop in deep during this guided meditation to explore your soul destiny in pioneering and birthing the new paradigm of love, cooperation and joy. Patrick Hennessey – the founder of the LovEvolution Fellowship will be facilitating this journey. Please bring blankets and pillows to be comfortable as we will be laying down during part of the ceremony.

Sacred Devotion Ecstatic Dance Temple with DJ Jai Dee in the LovEvolution Lodge (9:30pm to 11pm followed by chill ambient music) – Celebrate life and love in the commencement and christening of the new LovEvolution Lodge.

DJ Jai Dee holds an intentional space for deep and conscious dance practice. Inspired by the beauty and vastness of ancient cultures and rhythms; Jai Dee brings meditative and spiritual flows, followed by fun and playful international groves. After our deep dive delve, DJ Jai Dee will call in the night with an omnificent ambient lo-fi chill squish integration space into the night.

Music and Sacred Songs 9:30pm to Midnight at the firepit near the Guest House – Offer your stories, wisdom, songs, and poems to the fire as we come together for an evening of musical inspiration, dance and spontaneous creation at the fire circle. 

Beloved musician, Max Ribner, will be offering joyful and interactive audience experiences around the fire starting at 11pm.


Sunday Theme – Awaken Fully to Love and Joy

Qigong (8 am to 9am) – in the open field near the riverside yome or in yome if raining – Experience moving chi, the energy of the Universe, through your body to become energized, focused and at peace. Enliven the garden within and around you. 

Yin Yoga in the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs (9am to 10am) – facilitated by Joanie Lea Bailey, owner of the Gaia Den in West Virginia.  This yoga’s restorative flows are heart opening and relaxing. In addition, Joanie will be offering guided meditations based on group or individual need.     

Ecstatic Dance, Brunch and the 1st LovEvolution Fellowship Service!

Sunday Morning Ecstatic Brunch and Dance – 10 am to 11:30 at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs–  Awaken and move your body and spirit to the flow of inspired and moving music with DJ Robert Kochka, Jr.

The Inaugural LovEvolution Fellowship Service and Brunch at the Lovevolution Lodge upstairs (11:30 to 1pm) – Enjoy a light brunch after ecstatic dance, while enjoying live music. Then Circle up at noon and join Brother Patrick and friends and special musical guests for an inspiring sharing about how the open faith LovEvolution Fellowship came about and what it intends to grow into.  Your input and questions will be invited during the service. Subsequent fellowship services will be the first Sunday of every month.

New Earth Teachings from the Maoli Kanak Light Keepers of Hawaii (2 to 3:30pm) at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs – Activate and align with the frequency of pure love (Aloha) to step more fully into the new paradigm. This joyful workshop is based on the original teachings of Ho’opono pono ke ala. Teacher - Malieokalani Urrutia at www.sacredwomanschool.com focuses on empowering women and activating their womb power.

Mana Gardening Meditation with Dr. Michelle Shine at the Big Tent (2 to 3:30pm) - Be guided via your potent imagination into a sacred, beautiful garden where you’ll call forth your Divine Self and activate the Divine DNA within you. Become the Holy version of yourself, feel it and be transformed.

Dr. Shine holds a PhD in biomedical science and merges science and spirituality in her practice. She has been teaching Mana Gardening meditation and life skills to clients and groups for over 10 years.

Medicine, Music Workshop (3:30 to 5pm) at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs - Join Maestro Curanderos Brown & Pamela, for a discussion on the Amazonian Medicine Path of Curanderismo. They will offer teachings & insights that they have garnered from powerful initiations in the forest that provide a unique view into the spiritual world of Amazonian plants, tribes and ancestral spirits.

Along with stories and teachings, they will also share some of their icaros - magical and mystical plant medicine songs, which they have learned directly from the plants and use regularly in healing ceremonies. No physical medicines in this workshop will be provided. 

However, they will be offering a plant medicine ceremony the following weekend on property (Friday, June 2nd to Sunday June 4h). To learn more and schedule view their North American Spring/Summer schedule

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Vedic Tea Lounge and Kirtan (2 pm to 3:30) at the Riverside Yome- Join Andrew Morizio and Sema & Noah to sing devotional hymns in a chill lounge environment, while sipping ceremonial tea and learning/sharing about Vedic Astrology. Also enjoy the bliss of community chanting with an intimate kirtan session facilitated by Sema and Noah.

Voice Activation and Sacred Song Circle (4 to 5:30 pm) at the Big Tent  – Join songstress and musician Lillie Lumina for a joyous song circle and let your spirit soar. Open your heart and voice in harmony with others in singing inspiring sacred songs. Learn more about Lillie and hear here music at www.lillielumina.com

Activating the New Earth Our Hearts Know is Possible (5 to 6pm) in the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs  - The world is in a great transformation and we need you now more than ever to stand in your greatness so you can bring your highest service and magic to the world. This workshop will support you to be activated, inspired, and empowered through the creative magic of the container, so you can realign and uplevel your passion, mission, and vision.

Facilitator Dr. Kieran Kuykendall at www.LifeEmpowered.com will utilize concepts of Quantum Neurology, Biomancy, Applied Kinesiology, and Psycohometry to support your reclamation in this powerful healing container.

Building Archetopia: Astrology, Human Design, and the New Earth Village at the Riverside Yome (5 to 6pm) - Join Verdarluz, author of the “Codex of the Soul” and “Aquarius Dawns”, to explore both Shamanic Astrology and Human Design as languages of empowerment, soul awareness, and collective evolution in the Aquarian Age. 

Workshop will focus on applying these wisdoms to our daily lives by building out an archetypal model of the new Earth Village as a guide to raising the next generation, building healthy relationships and careers and enhancing our spiritual awakening process. To learn more visit divinetimingcoaching.com 

Musical performances Sunday Night

Live Music  at the LovEvolution Lodge upstairs 7pm on into the night. 

6 to 6:45 - Zondo at Zondo.Love
7 to 8pm - Brielle Aguila
8:15 to 9:15pm - the Freedom Family Band
9:30 to 10:30pm - Caravan Calling (Elan DeHaro, Ed Hagmeyer and Kimberly Dunn)

Support Zondo's  debut album by donating to his gofundme campaign. 
Follow QR code below.

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Open acoustic Music and Sacred Songs 8:30pm to Midnight at the firepit near the Guest House – Offer your stories, wisdom, songs, and poems to the fire as we come together for an evening of musical inspiration, dance and spontaneous creation at the fire circle.


Monday Theme – Relax, Unwind and Integrate

Yoga under the Big Tent (9 to 10am) Join certified yoga teacher and health coach - Stephanie Toler. Open up your body, oxygenate and begin your day feeling great.

Sweat Lodge – 10am to noonish behind Guest House – Join Tito and his crew for purification, prayer and singing. Let go of the outside world, clear your mind and body, open your heart and melt away all differences to see and feel each other as members of the Heart Tribe. Note – drink lots of hydrating fluids before the sweat and wear modest loose clothing.

Sacred Water Journey & Ceremony (10 to 11:30 am) down river from the Riverside Yome – Wash away what no longer serves you in the sacred mountain waters river and be reborn and baptized into the Aquarian Age. This ceremony will be facilitated by Kari Rivers at Seedsofsatya.com   Kari is dedicated to assisting herself and others into expanded states of consciousness, our infinite joy and peace.

Memorial Day Ceremony (1 to 2pm) at the Big Tent - honoring all our ancestors who gave their lives and life energy so that we could inherit their legacy. Let's remember and be grateful for the all that we have inherited, seen and unseen. Please bring an item, photo or other remembrance of those you'd like to memorialize to place on the memorial altar. We will circle up and speak into the circle all that we would like honor and memorialize. That which is remembered lives.

Integrate and Relax in Nature – Today is your day to hike the land and streams, connect with others and relax without all the many workshops and activities. So get lost in the woods in the best of ways.

Memorial Day Picnic Dinner - noon to 2pm at and around the field kitchen – Join us for free veggie bean burgers, potato salad, coleslaw and watermelon.

Closing Ceremony 4pm around the sacred firepit near Guest House: Take the love and inspiration back into the world as LovEvolutionaries. Walk through the “tunnel of love” and be showered with expressions of love and appreciation by other participants. It’s an amazing experience and a beautiful way to share the love and say our goodbyes for now.

Exodus  - Time to pack up, clean up and leave the village and reenter the “world”. Be sure to take the LovEvolution home with you and let it ripple out to others to create a sea of change. Pay forward the gifts you’ve shared.

FAQ - If you have other general questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions at https://lovevolutionfellowship.org/faq-for-the-2023-lovevolution-gathering



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