History of the LovEvolution

The LovEvolution began with the birth of the Universe, when God in infinite love, set in motion the Universe and it’s continual evolutionary expansion in love.

The Beginning

Many of the greatest spiritual way showers such as Jesus the Christ and Mahatma Buddha showed humanity the path of living in love, peace and alignment with the divine. They were LovEvolutionaires.

Throughout history we’ve seen many, who with open and loving hearts, have helped humanity evolve toward greater awakening, consciousness and peace. They have inspired many others to follow in their paths.

In 2010 Patrick Hennessey had the good fortune to get on board the beloved “Magic Love Bus” as it lead the annual joyous celebration of love and joy known as the “LovEvolution Festival” parade.

Inspired by this amazing joy ride and excited by the prospects of the great “Shift” in 2012, Patrick persuaded Scotty Miller and a small band of imperfect but enthusiastic “LovEvolutionaires” to cast off from San Francisco on the cross country “2012 Magic Love Bus” journey - inviting people to “get on board the bus for the LovEvolution”. 

Their wonderous and challenging two month journey took them through the Southwest, the deep South and to the Blue Ridge Mountains where they landed into their final destination - downtown Asheville.

magic love bus

This nine minute video features highlights from the “2012 Magic Love Bus Journey”, including the theme song of the LovEvolution written and performed by crew member Jennifer Youngs as we crossed North America.

Get on board

Some of the crew returned to San Francisco, while the Magic Love Bus and it’s captain – Scotty Miller and Patrick Hennessey - the chief orchestrator of the journey - chose to stay and live in the Asheville, NC area.

Inspired to continue the invitation to for people to “get on board for the LovEvolution” – Patrick Hennessey and supporters hosted the annual LovEvolution Gathering from 2014 to 2018.


Camp LovEvolution

Camp LovEvolution

Each year these LovEvolutionaries gave a tired old campground named “Camp Hope” a colorful make over into “Camp LovEvolution – a training camp for LovEvolutionaries”. And each year -  after three days of heart opening ceremony, workshops and celebrations - the camp was returned to Camp Hope, hoping to become Camp LovEvolution the next year.

It became evident that it was time for the LovEvolution to have its own camp where its expression could hold space for its work and celebrations not just three days a year but all through the year.

After three years of searching the far outskirts of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains,  in 2017 Patrick found and purchased a sweet lodge style house forty minutes North of Asheville in a private mountain valley bounded by two miles of pristine rivers that meet to form the Big Laurel River.

Work began immediately to update the five bedroom lodge house and create a natural swimming pond with hot tub and sauna (priorities). In March of 2020 work began on the 6,000 square foot log lodge and event center.


In 2022 the LovEvolution formally became an inclusive trans denominational church named the “LovEvolution Fellowship”. The lodge was then donated to the LovEvolution Fellowship to serve as both a chapel and event center.

With the support of many workers and some angel investment, work on the LovEvolution Lodge continues. We are excited for the Lodge to host the first Sunday fellowship service of the LovEvolution during the LovEvolution ReUnion of the Heart Tribe Gathering – the last weekend of May, 2023.

It’s been a long and expansive journey to realize this sweet sanctuary in the mountains. Come be a part of the ongoing unfoldment and LovEvolution.


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