LovEvolution Declaration of Interdependence

LovEvolution declaration of interdependence

Written by Patrick James Hennessey in 2018

We hold that all beings are interconnected within the web of life and are by nature interdependent and yet sovereign. We declare that the greater good is based on the sovereignty and free will of the individual being to freely choose their mutual and voluntary agreements.

We embrace the self evident “Natural Law” of the Universe as our compass. The rights derived from such natural law, also known as Universal Law or God’s Law, are not dependent on the laws or customs of any particular culture or government and are universal and inalienable. These natural rights cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws without violating the natural laws of the Universe (God’s law).

Therefore we reserve our God given right to not recognize, submit to or abide by any man made laws that violate natural law and the non violent free will and the sovereignty of individual beings.

We hold true that the indwelling spirit of source energy (God) permeates all of the Universe and therefore all elements of the Universe, whether vast, tiny or unseen, are to be held sacred and respected.

We uphold these natural born rights equally for all beings regardless of species, race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion or political belief. 

We come together as sovereign beings who are free to co create in a spirit of volunteerism. With this freedom comes the responsibility and duty to respect the sovereignty of other beings by not violating their free will, security or liberty. To violate the free will of others, whether we agree with their choices or not, by coercion, force of action or manipulation is violence, which we do not condone.

We do reserve the right to protect our sovereignty, liberty and security and that of others in self defense. We also honor the right of individuals to make and honor mutual agreements that do not violate or hinder the natural rights of other beings.


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